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Mike Finders 970-488-0410 “Finnders and Youngberg stole the show. Incredible. I hope they had as much fun as everyone here had watching their performances.” David Smith, Promoter Durango Meltdown Bluegrass Festival


  1. With it being the time to give thanks. I would like to thank you all for such a great experience at pagosa’s band camp last June. Our group of great friends from Aztec NM have been playing almost non-stop ever sense. Thanks to you we know just enough to be dangerous musicians and part time professionals in our real jobs. We sound better each time we play and are grateful to each of you for such great instruction and inspiration.
    Watch out for us in June we are gonna be greater in numbers and ready to plow to the fences.

    Zack Pettijohn

  2. You guys sounded great at Blue Waters in Medical Lake WA last week.
    Buc Owens had an early song called “There goes my love” would love to hear you do it someday.


  3. Hi Paul! I have indeed been using the ATM350 for several years now, with the simple clip that it comes with, clipped to the chin-rest. I usually have the mic running through a Grace 101 preamp.

  4. Question for Ryan,
    Saw you at Pagosa and had a quick chance to ask about your microphone set-up. I t think you said you were using an ATM350. Can you elaborate a little bit, to verify the exact model, as well as whatever system you use to mount the mic on your violin (looked like you’re able to swing it away on some sort of pivot), as well as pre-amp, phantom power supply, etc.

  5. Hey there Mike and co.,

    I play in a Missoula MT band called Dodgy Mountain Men – showed up to see you guys play last night and arrived just in time to miss you. Bummer about that – next time you head this way you should holler at us and we could line up a show with ya!

    Also wanted to talk to you because we’re headed to your neck of the woods this fall as part of our tour, and would love to link up and play some shows in the greater Ft. Collins, Denver, Boulder etc. area if you guys were available and interested! We’ll be around from FRIDAY, OCT 11 to SUNDAY OCT 13. Whadda ya think?

    Check out our facebook for a link to our music and such, and gimme a holler back if you think we could do something together.

    Heppy pickin’ and safe travels!

  6. Thank you all for coming to the great State of Wyoming and the Big Horn Mountain Festival. I am now a fan of yours. I am relatively new to bluegrass . The heart and soul you all put on stage was nothing less than inspiring. Gods peace and drive to you always.

  7. Hi Saw you at the Mill in Iowa City last night – what a treat! I saw you a year ago at the Mill and listened to your CD’s this past year and I’m so impressed with your band. I live in Wisconsin now and will be making a trip to Colorado in August to hike in the Rocky Mountains so I hope I can catch a performance of yours out there sometime! Your canoe trip looks very fun. Maybe some day I can experience the Ghost Ranch?!? I want to write songs. Again, thank you for playing last night at the Mill. You are all such an inspiration and I hope to see you again down the trail. Take care

  8. Hey Mike:

    I was planning on seeing you at the Louisville Farmers Market on Sat., 18 Aug. I noticed on the Louisville Farmers Market Website, that they have other entertainment listed instead of ya’all on that date. I haven’t seen you since a dinner show in Galena, IL at the Railway Cafe- looking forward to hearing you soon….

  9. Had a great time with you all in Pagosa this past weekend. I posted 3 videos (from my phone) on You Tube, especially the Road is Rocky with Erin’s famous (albeit brief) solo. Paul

  10. Hi there,

    My name is Dan Topolski and am the entertainment director for the sustainable living fair.

    I am currently searching for a bluegrass/americana type act to play in the morning at the fair. It would likely be either a 10:30-11:15 slot opening the fair Sunday -OR- 11:00am to noon on Saturday.

    I am trying to find a string band – no electronic instruments as it’s kind of the quiet time of the day when people are walking about and visiting, talking with exibitors, etc We are just looking for something fun, chill, and organic sounding in these slots.

    Would you guys be interested in playing this years fair in Sept?

    We don’t have a big budget for these early morning slots – what would you guys accept for an early morning slot like this?

    Thanks – can’t wait to hear back,


  11. I heard you play at Genoa Coffee & Wine in Fort Collins a couple years ago and loved you! I’ve just ordered your most recent CD for my bluegrass-loving dad’s fathers’ day gift 🙂

    There’s an internet radio station I listen to where I can totally imagine hearing your music. They play a variety of genres and are committed promoting unsigned artists–A very eclectic station. Have a look at their Facebook page:
    According to their page, “Suckfree Radio does not charge any money to promote your music, nor does Suckfree Radio pay any royalties to bands and artists who receive airplay and promotion on Suckfree Radio. All bands and artists submitting their music to Suckfree Radio retain full legal rights to their music and may revoke their permission to be featured on Suckfree Radio at any time.”

    Anyway, keep up the wonderful music! You guys are great!

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